July 9, 2019

You Need To Know These For Becoming A Good Event Organizer

Event Organizer (EO) is a profession that continues to grow from ancient times to the present. At present more and more new EOs are emerging in various regions. However, not a few EO who also went bankrupt due to failure. In addition to having to have the quality and strength to continue to survive, the EO must also keep up with the rapid development, especially in the digital field. Things such as online marketing and Content Creation should be taken seriously in the digital era.


Here are tips to become an excellent EO in the digital era:

Make an Official Website

Currently, 99% of large companies have their own websites whose contents are information about the company starting from company profiles, management arrangements, activities, financial reports, portfolios and so on. By having your own website besides telling the public about your EO and how to contact you, it is also a plus point of your company’s position in the eyes of the community because it gives a professional impression.

Maximize Social Media

Create your official EO social media account on all existing channels, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. The 3 social media channels have different characteristics besides having the same main function, namely to promote.

You can use Instagram to display photos about events that you create and also your company activities. With Instagram, your prospective clients can get an idea of how you work. And for clients who have collaborated there will also be a feeling of seeing more of your event photos posted on your official Instagram account.

For Facebook, it functions more broadly with Fanpage facilities. Apart from functioning as an official mini website, Facebook is also capable of something that needs to be read in a longer time than Instagram.

Then, YouTube is where you post your event videos. Currently, the development of Youtube is more rapid and its users continue to increase massively compared to other channels.


With current technological developments, from anywhere in the world you can communicate easily with anyone anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet network. Use this convenience to communicate well with your team or client. This simplifies and shortens the time especially in big cities that are full of congestion.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson