February 18, 2021

You Must Care About Political Development

Political news will certainly be increasingly heard in our environment. With this important moment, we, as the young generation, should not be apathetic to the political conditions of our own country and do not care at all about it. In fact, by caring about political developments we also get many benefits. Below are some reasons why you should care about political developments based on http://princeofmoths.tumblr.com.

Politics affects all aspects of your life
Even though all of your work will not be able to affect the conditions of politics, you are one of the residents. Like it or not, our lives are always bound by existing laws. The cost of our food, how expensive it is to buy a quota, the cost of transportation to university/office, the taxes we have to pay, how good the quality of our health services is, all depend on the policies of the politicians in our country. If you don’t know the existing political conditions, you certainly can’t make the right choice to support your future. So knowing about politics can actually make our lives much easier.

Politics also has its drama
Calm down, politics is not boring like what many people imagine. Political policies are always changing, politicians are also competing to make better policies for their people. They are constantly forced to make policies that are greater than their opponents, build a positive image so that they are more extraneous, and work hard to complete each task. Political drama is not an ordinary drama, political drama can provide us with a lot of life lessons to be better and better quality people than before.

Today, hoaxes are everywhere, from family WhatsApp groups to fake news sites, surely they cannot escape hoax news. For those of you who have never read political news, you can easily believe in hoax news. How can you not believe it, if we never know the track record and track record of politicians? So it is important for you to read the development of politics, to know the quality of politicians and how they work so that if there are hoax news, you can judge wisely the news is true or false.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson