You Can Consider These Car Maintenance Things After You Take Car Detailing

The car is a vehicle that is loved at this time, because of its comfort and superiority compared to motorbikes, so many car users are willing to spend a lot of money to make the car look like new every day by coating the body and engine. You must consider these following things after you take check my reference.


Maintenance after doing the coating is highly recommended to keep the glossy color of your car maintained, besides that the treatment is also intended to transport the remaining spots of water spots, remaining mold, and pollution. Treated with medicinal drugs that are recommended for all of them.

Periodic washing

The use of a car almost every day, makes your car look dull and dirty faster, it is recommended that you do a car wash at least every other day without using shampoo or washing fast and caring for car cleaning once a week with shampoo and other treatments.

Use of shampoo

Doing car wash without shampoo is not always recommended, but do not just use shampoo randomly, because the car is basically attached to oil, while the oil can not disappear only with water, because it is different in nature. So it needs shampoo to wash our car at least once a week. The high PH shampoo is very dangerous for the quality of car paint, a good shampoo for washing the car is a pH of 12.

Use of a cloth

Laps are also very influential for the cleanliness of the body and engine of your vehicle, by way of wiping which is not true will cause scratches on the body and on the glass of your car so that it will be in vain money that has been spent on car maintenance. It is recommended to use a different lap on the top and bottom panels of the glass and body because to avoid the effects of scratch.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson