YMS Application: Cut Losses 25-35% Yard Labor Costs

Using a software application such as a Yard management system certainly has several purposes. One of them is as well as to reduce losses in operation. As is the case with various companies relating to the operation of vehicles (trailers and trucks) useful reference.

Various software applications will certainly be very helpful in maximizing its operation. Not only software in terms of administration, finance, or information systems. It turns out that currently there is also a software application in the form of a Yard management system.

What is Yard Management System?
The Yard management system is an application to help locate, manage, and also oversee their assets (vehicles). This application is very helpful for yard managers and also workers who deal directly with the transport system in the company. YMS application itself can usually be used or applied on iOS, websites, or Android. Of course, this is to facilitate its users more effectively and efficiently.

How Can this YMS Application Cut Losses?
Basically, the YMS application has many benefits. However, a very influential benefit is related to cost efficiency. The application can be one solution to reduce operational financing in managing vehicles and assets in real-time and directly.

Why? By using this application, companies can minimize the use of labor, especially yard drivers. In addition, this tool can also reduce vehicle fleet equipment financing and several other charges.

Based on the data, companies that implement the YMS application can save 25 to 35% in funding related to labor for yards. This happens because the YMS application can manage completely the manual searching and boost the efficiency of yard drivers.

This kind of application with efficient cut-losses benefits is offered by Exotrac. It can be considered as one of the best Yard management system application providers. Currently, the application is available for Android, IOS, and the web. Thus, this can facilitate yard managers for their operations and management in real-time.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson