February 14, 2018

Walking a dog 101: Pay attention to the leash and your dog’s mood

Walking with your favorite dog is fun and healthy, not only for dogs but for the owner. The needs of dog activities are usually equipped with light walking activities that are usually done in the morning or late afternoon by dog ??owners. The time required for this activity depends on the type & type of dog. Small dogs generally walk for 10 minutes. For dogs are able to spend 20-30 minutes. While the big race is generally able to walk to 40 minutes. Walking not only gives it activity but also makes the dog work out so it can nourish his heart. Not only that, a walk can make the dog’s brain grow, more adaptable, and socialize with the environment & the people around him. Just don’t forget to train it properly and also make it wear the suitable dog leash.

Use Leash (Leash)

Choose the right bridle for your dog. Types of small dogs usually use harness-type straps that tie the neck and the abdomen of the dog so that he does not have difficulty breathing. While the type of big dog can usually wear a normal bridle. What if you do not want to put the bridle on your dog? No problem, as long as your dog is used and does not try to escape when you take it off. But for the safety of your dog, you should use a comfortable bridle.

Make sure the Mood & Dog Condition is Good

Make sure your dog feels excited when you are taking him for a walk. Do not force the dog when the mood is ugly or he is not looking for a walk. Just like humans, dogs also experience bad feelings sometimes. In addition to ensuring your dog’s mood is good, you must also have a good mood because the dog is quite sensitive to the feelings of the owner. Do not forget to make sure your dog’s health condition. If he is in a less healthy condition you should undo the walk for the day because it can worsen his condition.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson