February 5, 2021

Tips On How To Polish Your Car Body Paint

Not always car detailing activities in the form of polishing so that car paint looks sleek like a mirror can only be done by professionals in car detailing salons such as Royal1 Mobile Auto Detailing Los Angeles, we as laymen can do our own car body paint polishing at home. , of course, by paying attention to the correct step by step in polishing so that the results are not inferior to car detailing salons my link.

1. Make sure you wash the car thoroughly
Washing the car before polishing is useful for moisturizing the car body paint and also minimizing the presence of dirt such as dust and sand which will damage the surface of the paint during the polishing process. Make sure you always wash your car using a special car wash soap, because the formula for this special car wash soap is very light so it doesn’t fade the paint color.

2. Park the car in a shady location
It is highly recommended that you do this paint or car body polish in a shady location and avoid direct sunlight, you can take advantage of the garage or the house yard with a canopy. Or if you don’t have an outdoor garage, you can do it in an indoor garage and make sure the garage is sufficiently lit. And if you are forced to do it in the outdoor yard, choose the right time, namely in the morning or evening where the sun is not too hot and there are no strong winds because there is a concern that dust and material carried by the wind will stick to the car body.

3. Prepare the polishing equipment
Because we are going to do polishing activities to polish the car body, of course, you need a set of polishing tools which include enough soft cloth, sufficient soft sponge, compound and if necessary, buy a polishing tool. Also, prepare polishing medicine, it is advisable to use good quality polishing medicine. For information on good car polishes, please search the internet.

4. Car polishing stage
The rules for polishing the car body start from the very bottom and gradually goes up to the top, and start from the front of the vehicle, then to the side, and continues to the rear of the car body. Polish the surface of the paint evenly using a soft compound and rub it in circles using a soft cloth or soft sponge, if you have a polishing tool it’s even better, just apply the compound to the surface of the paint and you just need to polish it using a polishing tool.

For parts that are hard to reach, you can clean those parts using a brush. This stage is used to smooth the surface of the car paint only, if the surface of the car paint is smooth, you can skip this stage and immediately apply for car polish medicine. After the surface of the car, the body is polished until it is smooth and cleaned again thoroughly, the next step is to apply a polishing drug that can make your car’s paint look shiny.

After the polishing drug has been coated all over the surface of the car paint, it’s time for you to wait a few minutes between 5 minutes to 10 minutes for a better waiting time. After the waiting time is over, use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the car paint to remove the remaining residual polish that sticks to it. And the last step is to wipe the surface of the car paint again using a microfiber cloth that you can buy at car accessories stores for finishing.

At this point, the polishing stage of your car body is complete and the car will look brilliant like a car in a car showroom.

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Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson