April 12, 2018

Tips for recycling the used furniture

Before starting a recycling project, there are several tools to be prepared. The main ingredient required is a liter of white house acrylic wall paint and special acrylic paints. While additional equipment to be prepared is a brush, sandpaper, soft cloth, cotton brush, 2-inch stiff brush, and wire brush. Meanwhile, you might want to check out the best benchtop jointer review as well.

Recycling steps

The first step required to recycle the broken or worn furniture or furniture that you initially want to dispose of is to clean it from the remaining paint. Using a wire brush, brush the furniture surfaces back and forth to open the pores. After that, the surface broom follows the direction of wood shavings with a brush.

The next step in recycling this outdated furniture is to clean the furniture from the dust that sticks. Scrub the surface and all sides of the furniture with a cotton cloth or other soft fabrics. This is useful to make it easier for the dust to stick to the fabric and prevent furniture from damaging when you get rid of dust.

After cleaning the furniture, the next thing to do is apply the paint and sand. Use a stiff brush to paint the wood surface. Tips when the painting is started from a small part, then re-paint all sides of the furniture.

Before proceeding to the next step, wait until the paint that has been applied to all parts of the furniture is quite dry. Then, sandpaper the furniture surface smoothly and gently with sandpaper. Finish sanded, clean all dust that sticks with using a clean cloth.

The fourth step in the obsolete furniture recycling project is finishing. Re-observe all the furniture parts to make sure there are no uncovered parts of paint, especially on broken or worn-out parts. If it is fully coated with paint, apply two layers of acrylic urethane.

The final step is to repeat the process in step four until all parts of the surface are covered in acrylic paint, as well as smooth and shiny. Way, sandpaper surface that has been covered with light paint. Then, clean the dust with a clean cloth before starting to move to soften and polish the surface with a cloth made from satin.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson