July 6, 2019

The Important of Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Your Building

The building of a building consists of 3 important components, namely structure, architecture and mechanical and electrical.
All three of them are interrelated. If the structure emphasizes strength, architects prioritize beauty, so mechanics and electricity put forward the function.
No matter how strong a building and as beautiful as a building, if it is not supported by mechanical and electrical systems, the building has no function and even some houses have good mechanical and electrical systems.
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Thus mechanical and electrical systems are one of the most important components.
So the point is, a building that has been designed by architects must eventually be used, inhabited and enjoyed.
For that, a thirst building is equipped with infrastructure that is suitable for the needs of the building itself, such as offices, hospitals, banks, airports, and others.
The mechanical and electrical system of a building is very dependent on the purpose of a building being built.
Every office building has a mechanical and electrical system that is different from a hospital building, or an airport, a power plant or a factory.
But in principle, there are various similarities.

In general, a system that is often used in a building, including:
– Plumbing System
– Fire Extinguisher System
– Vertical transportation system
– Electrical Systems
– Lightning Protection System
– Fire Alarm System
– Telephone system (PABX)
– Sound system
– Data system
– CCTV system
– BAS (Building Automatic system), this system is used to control a system mentioned above), especially turning on and off the AC (AHU & fan) or electric panel automatically.
But this system is sometimes still rarely used in most buildings.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson