February 18, 2018

Some of These Body Organs Can Be Damaged If You Consume Excess Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in a large number of is not recommended for anyone. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the dangers of alcohol that can lurk at them all the time. For vehicle drivers, it is not advisable to consume alcohol when going to drive because it can cause a fatal accident. However, if this case has happened to you, then you need to ask for help from michigan OWI attorney. He will handle your case very well and will not let you handle it alone.

In addition to dangerous to be consumed while driving, alcohol does provide adverse effects on health and some parts of the body. Some parts of the body that will be damaged if you consume alcohol in large quantities is

– Kidney, kidney function is very important for the body. However, consuming alcohol in long term will disrupt the function of these organs. alcohol will enlarge the kidneys to affect the normal hormone function of the body. In fact, consuming large amounts of alcohol and a long period of time can increase the potential for kidney failure.

– Heart, too much alcohol intake can increase fat accumulation in the liver and affect liver function in your body. In many cases, this will be damaging to the liver. Too much alcohol intake will cause fatty liver syndrome which can also cause conditions of liver cirrhosis.

– Eye, you certainly would not think that alcohol also affects the eyes. Alcohol consumed in large quantities will affect the visual acuity of a person. The visual acuity of a person will decrease daily due to excessive alcohol consumption. This is due to damage to eye nerve cells due to alcohol consumed.

– Heart, this organ is a very important organ for pumping blood. If you frequently consume alcohol excessively it will cause high blood pressure that affects the heart’s performance. The heart will be forced to work excessively. Consuming alcohol can also affect cholesterol levels in the body thus increasing the risk of heart disease.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson