March 8, 2018

Side Effects and Risk of Silicon Surgery on Breasts

In addition to the face, breast is also a choice of women to be corrected by plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is usually done to enlarge or perfect the shape of the breast until confidence increases. Breast enlargement is generally done by inserting silicone implants or saline in the breast. This operation can make the breasts become larger with the results look natural, durability elasticity and make cleavage become more beautiful. This action will also improve the form of the breast that has decreased or ptosis. You can visit our website and try this for natural breast growth.

Installation of silicone in the breast was fairly safe if done according to plastic surgery procedures. However, in any surgery, there must be side effects or postoperative risks. Side effects of surgery are a temporary pain, swelling, and sensation changes in the nipple. However, the loss of sensitivity to the nipple is only temporary and will return to normal afterward. Placement of the implant in the breast also will not interfere with the production and breastfeeding if surgery performed by plastic surgeons.

Another fear of women from the risk of implantation is breast cancer. However, in various studies, no relationship found in the installation of implants with cancer. Installation of implants does not make a person vulnerable to breast cancer. It’s just that, before performing the operation, the prospective patient must be ascertained whether her breasts are free from the seeds of cancer. Another possible risk is the formation of scar tissue around the implant that allows the breasts to feel stiff and hard. What about implant leaks or broken implants? It is also very small can happen.

Silicone implants can break if punctured sharp objects that penetrate the skin, fat, until the tissue under the muscle. Another possibility if hit hard as a car accident is quite severe. In addition, the risk of bleeding and postoperative infections is also very unlikely to occur. The risk of plastic surgery can be one of them if the implants are installed without good sterilization. This can cause inflammation. In addition, the risk of plastic surgery may also arise if the patient does not follow the doctor’s advice.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson