February 25, 2021

Plus And Minus Of Using Dental Implant

Denture fitting is a treatment that can be done to replace missing teeth. Knowing the benefits of these dentures, you also need to know the shortcomings of dentures so that the treatment chosen is by the condition of your teeth. One that can be an option from various types of existing treatments is dental implant placement. Therefore, you need to do it in a trusted place, such as best dentists fort worth.

Having dental implants placed has its advantages over other alternatives, such as removable dentures or the construction of fixed denture bridges. Some of them, namely:

1. Feels Comfortable
The benefit of dentures from this method is that they feel comfortable, especially when talking or chewing food. This is because the implant treatment is permanently placed in the mouth so that it cannot be removed. You don’t have to worry if the tooth will lose or come out.

2. Increase Self Confidence
The result of dental implants will look natural and feel like natural teeth. Because, dental implants are designed to attach to the bone and cannot be removed by themselves, so the benefits of these dentures will make you more confident when using them.

3. Longer Durability
The durability of dental implants is longer than conventional denture treatments. With good care and routine, implants can even last a lifetime.

4. Do not disturb other teeth
Unlike fixing fixed dentures which require sharpening the supporting teeth, this implant treatment is independent and does not interfere with other teeth. This condition allows healthy teeth to be maintained without needing sharpening.

5. Prevent Bone Loss
When you lose a tooth, the bone around the area of the missing tooth can start to decrease or thin out. This condition is known as periodontitis.

With a dental implant implanted in your jaw, the implant screw acts like a natural tooth root so that the jawbone remains strong and bone loss is avoided.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson