April 12, 2018

Dental and Oral Care For Elderly

As you care for the elderly, there are so many things to keep in mind. You also can not give careless food, drinks, and medicine. If you feel that you can not take care of yourself, you can contact in home health care boca raton and we will help you to take care of them.

Some of the problems of oral health that often occur in the elderly are:

– The color of the tooth becomes darker. In some cases, the discoloration of the tooth is due to a change in dentine, a tissue beneath the tooth enamel. If you frequently eat foods or beverages that damage tooth color (such as coffee or tea), dentin colors may change. Tooth enamel depletion can also occur so that it can cause darker-colored layers to surface.

– Dry mouth occurs due to reduced production of saliva in the mouth. Occurs may be due to the use of drugs, the effects of cancer treatment, or because of certain diseases suffered.

– Gingivitis and periodontitis is a type of problem in the gums where the gums become red, swollen, and easily bleeding. Gingivitis is easy to cure with the correct practice of cleaning your teeth and mouth. A visit to the dentist can also help reduce the risk of gingivitis worsening. If left untreated, gingivitis will become periodontitis. In periodontitis, the gums seem to separate from the teeth and form an infected gap or bag. The bacteria present in the infected area can cause the teeth to be easily dislodged.

Ask if the elderly have difficulty in maintaining healthy teeth and mouth. For example, the elderly may not clean his teeth because his wrist is sick. There are also elderly people who do not realize that the dentures used are dirty or the size does not fit. If dental problems persist, consult a doctor immediately.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson