February 18, 2018

Components On Hand Guns

We may have seen the action movie scene on Television when a felony truth defender tried to defeat his enemy by using a firearm. Once hit by a small bullet, a person can immediately fall down. Are you curious what are the components of the gun? Before that, you can visit Twitter account fromĀ Visit here to know how to safely use and store a handgun.

Lightweight firearms like revolver are mechanical tools that can fire one or a number of bullets toward the wanted target. The main components of firearms consist of:

1. Hammer or striker. Serves as a bat.
2. Barrel. Serves as a guide to keep the bullet straight when fired.
3. Woodpecker. As a controller for firing times.

All of these components are essentially a set of mechanisms that serve to support the firing mechanism of the projectile.

While the projectile is part of a system called cartridge, it operates with the aid of firearms based on the principles of Kinematics and Hydrodynamics of gas. Cartridge construction consists of series:

– Bullets
Made of solid metal (usually Tin) that serves as a target hit projectile.

– Case / shell
Serves as the parent of the entire cartridge system.

– Propellant
As a fuel gas fuel source. Initial technology applied to firearms, commonly using black powder, produces 55% gas and 45% smoke burning residue. But since the discovery of a gunpowder composition almost entirely of residual smoke minus smoke (smokeless powder) by Paul Vieille in 1884, black gunpowder is no longer in use.

– Percussion cap or commonly called Primer
Very sensitive metal compounds fire when hit. The composition is Tin azide and Potassium chlorate grown in bronze. When the trigger is pressed, the hammer will be lifted back. The spring is planted on the butt of the gun, then pushes the hammer forward and strikes the primer.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson