April 3, 2018

A newbie guide to play FPS games

You must have felt upset when you first play the game First-Person Shooter into the enemy’s month-month and should receive with a graceful chest if getting a score K / D chaotic. And the worst is when you always killed the enemy, the team itself is not encouraging but instead scolding you all out. There you increasingly drop and lazy to play FPS games. Meanwhile, you may also visit Csgotradezone if you’re looking for the cool and exquisite CS: GO merchandises.

Actually, it is not because you are a noob, maybe because you have not understood very well how to play the right and true of the FPS game genre.

Therefore, I have some tips that might help the beginners in FPS games. What kind of tips? Let’s check this out thoroughly.

Do not Train Aim With BOT

In FPS games, your reflexes should be good because enemies can quickly show up and shoot. For that, train your aim or how to shoot you.

Remember, do not practice too often with BOT but play with other players often even though you have not felt good because practicing aim with BOT is useless.

The movement of the BOT is very predictable, unlike the real player even though he is just like you, not good at it.

Learn Map First

The most important point in the FPS game is to master the folder you want to play. One of them if you play CS: GO in the de_dust2 map, you have to know which spots there are if any enemies are hiding.

If you have mastered the folders in the FPS game, it is not impossible for you to know the strategy and movement of the enemy. That way, you can easily kill all the opposing teams without having to get killed first.

Setting Sensitivity Mouse as Comfortable as possible

Unlike other games, in FPS games you must change the settings of the mouse sensitivity. You can also lose a quick shot because your aim is less quickly caused by a pointer that is difficult/long to be moved.

Make sure your mouse-sensitive level is comfortable by changing it in the In-game Option. Or can also press the DPI button on all gaming mouse. Bottom line, comfortable

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson