February 18, 2018

Turning your loft into a great bedroom

If you are sure will make the bedroom in the attic, look for builders from the recommendation of relatives. It’s good to choose a daily system because the builders have to work continuously without any chance of unemployment. To streamline the artisan’s work, prepare materials and engineering drawings that explain what needs to be replaced, torn down and built. If in two days his job is not satisfactory, you can stop it whenever you want. As for the artists in the loft conversion, we recommend you to hire loft conversions in kent instead.

When the loft bedroom has been completed and ready for use, it’s time for you to design it as you wish. If you feel you do not have a lot of ideas and creativity, we have summarized a number of attic bedroom designs that can be imitated.

You can put a window in the attic to optimize the natural light intensity. At night, the baby can enjoy sprinkling stars and moon through the window.

The ceiling painted in bright colors can give the illusion of a high and glowing roof. For the wall, you can paint it with cool colors like green, blue, and pink. The use of hanging lamps also provides a calm and relaxed feel.

If you feel the bedroom in the attic is too dangerous for the baby, why not be made the main bedroom? Ventilation in the form of windows and glass doors and ceiling fans are able to make this room more elegant and cool even though the weather outside was scorching hot.

Two single beds plus a pair of curved headrests, fit your daughter’s bedroom. Presenting pastel colors and carpet motifs on the floor, to highlight the impression of girly in it.

Space in the attic bedroom is not adequate, can be tricked by the application of sliding doors. In order to seem more comfortable attic, you can use lightweight flooring materials such as parquet. Do not forget to coat it with anti-termite medication to prevent damage.

Treatment a la hotel also you can imitate for the design of loft bedroom. What is needed is the dominance of white on the walls, floors, roofs, and bed linens. In order not impressed plain and simple, mix with a touch of orange and brown on pillows and other furniture.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson