February 12, 2018

Tips to Cleaning Kitchen Effectifelly

Having a restaurant means you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen. The reason, the kitchen is used to process food that will be served with Kitchen Carts to customers. If the kitchen is dirty, of course, the food is also not hygienic. Actually, cleaning the kitchen of the restaurant does not need to spend much time and money. Cleaning cooking utensils are part of a cleaning activity in the restaurant kitchen. To make cleaning up easier, use the best dishwashing soap when washing all the kitchen utensils. No need to be confused to start cleaning the restaurant kitchen with cooking utensils in large quantities. Here are the easy steps to clean the restaurant kitchen!

1. Clean the cookware immediately every day. The buildup of dirt found in cookware that is not immediately washed will cause you difficulties when trying to clean it.
2. Cleaning of kitchen furniture, such as the cabinet or dish rack in the restaurant should be done once a week. Use the best dishwashing soap when cleaning kitchen furniture.
3. The kitchen floor of the restaurant should be on a mop 2 times a day.
4. Other kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines or ovens, should be cleaned once a week.
5. Always provide a dry towel to wipe the dirty kitchen part of the restaurant. A clean dry towel is also useful for drying washed kitchen utensils.

To clean the kitchen in the restaurant, you should be done by 2-3 people depending on the kitchen area and the amount of cooking equipment. It would be better if you always use the best dishwashing soap and floor cleaning fluid is also best when cleaning the kitchen restaurant because the kitchen is a place to process food hence the kitchen hygiene is preferred. So, ready to do the cleaning in your kitchen restaurant?

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson