Tips on Choosing Affiliate Marketing Merchant

Do you have your own way to get Wealthy Affiliate reviews? Choosing a good merchant is a very important aspect that determines your success or failure in affiliate marketing. Your job as an affiliate marketing basically sends visitors to merchant sites. Despite being able to send visitors as much as possible, if you choose merchant wrong your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, on this occasion, I will give tips on how to choose a good merchant for you to promote.

1) Display merchant site

This is the first thing you should pay attention to. You can certainly judge easily whether a website has a good look or bad, professional or amateur. When looking at your website or your own merchant may ask yourself, “Will I buy from this site? If you say no, you know why. People want to buy goods or services only from trustworthy websites. If the merchant’s site looks unprofessional, most people will not believe and in fact will not buy from the merchant.

2) Navigation Structure

An example of a good e-commerce site whose navigation structure is Everyone can search the desired product easily. That is why the navigation structure of the site is widely imitated by other e-commerce. is a classic example of superior e-commerce because its usability makes it easy and paired for visitors

3) Ordering Proces

A complicated order process often leads customers to purchase products. If you feel the buying process in a merchant is confusing, others almost certainly also feel the same. So do a good purchasing process simulation to find out how the merchant receives merchant.

4) Testimonials

This testimonial is one of the things that can improve the conversion rate. If on the website of a merchant there are quite a lot of interesting testimonials, especially if there are photos and names, visitors will be more confident to buy.

5) The magnitude of the Commission

merchants who give big commissions are not always better than those who give small commissions. A large commission offer would be useless if the product was undesirable or not of good quality. Conversely, although the commission is small, if the products are sold in high demand and popularity, the results obtained can be much more.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson