January 24, 2019

These Are Three Harmful Substances That Can Make Someone Addicted

More and more days, you certainly often hear more and more people who feel addicted to narcotics. This addiction occurs because they begin to try these substances and eventually cannot escape the substances they use. So, the right treatment for narcotics addicts clearly must be done. One of them is treatment or therapy with Ayawasca. Ayawasca has been known to treat drug addicts for a long time. However, all you need to do is find the right place for the Ayawasca therapy.

Below are some substances that can make someone feel addicted to quite severe. Some of the substances in question are

1. Cocaine
This substance directly mixes with dopamine hormone in the brain, triggers excessive pleasure and censors the reality sensor in the human brain. If you have just used it once, this substance will immediately trigger a sense of dependence. This can happen because it can trigger dopamine hormone three times the normal level.
According to available data, there are around 21 percent of cocaine users around the world becoming addicts even with just one use.
At present, cocaine is also one of the ingredients that make people feel addicted the most. In fact, there are around 14-20 million people in the world who have used cocaine.

2. Heroin
Heroin which is a derivative of opium can make dopamine hormone levels in the brain increase even up to 200 percent from normal levels. At least according to the brain study which was a trial in the laboratory. In addition, heroin is also designated as the most dangerous narcotics compared to other substances, this is because it increases the risk of death by up to 5 times for humans.

3. Nicotine
This is the main composition of tobacco which is usually processed into cigarettes. Through smoked cigarette smoke, nicotine enters the lungs, is absorbed, and then released into the brain. This substance is able to increase dopamine hormone in humans to increase to about 25-40 percent of normal levels.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson