The Importance Of Coffee Distribution tool

From behind the bar, have you ever peeked at a barista making espresso to serve their customers buy coffee beans, does anyone make you wonder about one of the unique tools they use to make your enjoyable fresh roasted coffee?

DISTRIBUTION of coffee powder made to make espresso is a special treatment for coffee powder before the portafilter on the side is then attached to the group head and is pressed to drain the water quickly. The technique carried out by baristas to distribute coffee powder varies, and this can improve overall coffee extraction when the hot water flowing rapidly reduces the portafilter.

In simple terms, the concept of coffee powder distribution is carried out to ensure that the coffee powder that is put into the portafilter is evenly distributed on each side of the basketball filter. It’s because tamping is not enough to ensure the inside of the coffee powder is on the same scale. Without the distribution of coffee powder, if it is only tamping, the surface of the coffee powder is evenly distributed, but the inside is not necessarily on the same scale, and this interferes with optimal extraction.

Generally, baristas who prepare espresso dishes do a lot of coffee powder distribution techniques according to which they feel comfortable. There are those who use finger swipe techniques, some are directly tamping, and most use coffee powder distribution tools. The coffee powder distribution tool makes it easy for baristas to achieve good extraction when pressed, and don’t even need special skills to use it. Of course, it is very different if you use a finger swipe technique that must have special expertise, to make sure the coffee powder is evenly distributed using your fingers.

One example of a coffee distribution tool is Pullman – Chisel Re-Distribution.

In the process, this distribution tool focuses on the distribution of emphasis, leveling the coffee powder from the top of the surface of the coffee powder. The depth to smooth the coffee powder on the basketball filter can be adjusted as desired, the distance of the edges to touch the coffee powder can be adjusted from 7-14 mm. The diameter of this distribution tool is 58.4 so it is suitable for commercial basketball filters that are often used. Made of stainless steel on the base and collars.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson