March 10, 2019

The Good Things You Must Know About Taxes

A large number of people who have not obey paid taxes is due to the lack of public information about the benefits of taxes. We recommend that you learn the benefits and functions of the following taxes to be more tax-wise. Taxes are very beneficial for the country. In the meantime, perhaps you must call the most trusted bruno calfat advogados in tax law, so you can solve your problems with taxes easily and quickly.

Generally, many taxes are used for:

Financing state expenditures, such as expenditures that are self-liquidating.

Funding reproductive expenses, such as expenditures that provide economic benefits to the community.

Financing expenses that are not self-liquidating and not reproductive.

Financing unproductive expenditures.

So by obediently paying taxes, people will benefit:

Public facilities and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals.

Defense and security, such as buildings, weapons, housing to their salaries.

Food and Oil Fuel Subsidies.

Environmental and Cultural Sustainability.

Election Fund.

Development of mass transportation equipment, and others.

The tax has a very important role in the life of the state, so the tax has several functions, including:

Budget function (Budgetair), namely tax is used as a tool to enter funds optimally into the state treasury based on the applicable tax laws, so that the tax serves to finance all expenses related to the government process. Taxes are used for routine financings, such as employee expenditure, goods shopping, maintenance, and others. For development financing, money is spent on government savings, namely domestic revenues minus routine expenses. The government savings were increased continuously from year to year according to the increasing financing needs of development.

Function Regulates (Regular), namely tax used by the government as a tool to achieve certain goals and complementary functions of the budget. The government can regulate economic growth through tax policy. For example: in the context of investments, both domestically and abroad, various types of tax relief facilities are provided. In order to protect domestic production, the government sets a high import duty for foreign products.

Stability function, namely tax makes the government have funds to carry out policies related to price stability so that inflation can be controlled. This can be done by regulating the circulation of money in the community, tax collection, effective and efficient use of taxes.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson