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June 6, 2018

Tips for Secure Online Storage

Online data storage is a new method to save your digital data. Although it costs money, but generally online data storage provides free storage with a certain capacity. Do you need virtual data rooms? With this facility, then you are able to access the data whenever you need while connected to the internet. In addition to important job data, private-owned data can also be stored in it. Well, before you use it, you should pay attention to important things, such as:

1. Know the online data storage service provider

To use a product, you must ensure quality first. You should select a trusted service provider. Make sure you’ve seen positive reviews from customers about the service. It would be better if the provider offers security systems on multiple levels, thus preventing the risk of data loss.

2. Your data should be matched to the online data storage security level of your choice

If you choose a data storage service that can’t be ascertained, avoid storing important data, such as financial reports or data that is very personal. If you have to save it in the online data storage, then choose a provider that is guaranteed level of security.

3. Have backup data that you save online

Indeed, online storage data is made to be safe and easy to retrieve anytime when the original data is lost. However, nothing is 100 percent safe. Creating backup data is one way to keep your data safe. Perform backup copies of very important data, make up to three backups.

4. Encryption of Your Online Storage Data

If your online data storage account service is compromised, then it’s likely that your data could be hacked. To minimize risk, encrypt the data before saving it online.

5. Use a password

Passwords will make data more secure. You can use the LastPass password builder to create passwords that are hard to hack. Keep in mind basic things like not disclosing your password to anyone, or taking note of it on your memo or gadget. Avoid accessing online services using Wi-Fi in public places, and change your password periodically.