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March 16, 2018

Type of Honey Mask To Overcome Acne

There are different types of honey that we can find. One is natural honey that is still raw or honey taken directly from the beehive. If you have this honey can be used for acne facial treatments. You can mix honey with some of the following ingredients to use as a mask that can help you deal with acne. Visit our website to get the best manuka honey review.

1. Honey Mask and Sugar Sand
One way to overcome how to remove the acne deflection from the face is to clean all parts of the face with a slightly hard object. A mixture of sugar and honey is very effective to open acne and peel acne scars on the skin. You can wear this mask while gently rubbing. Make a massage with a mask of honey and sugar in the area around the acne. This method can be used for acne that has been a long time or a new pimple will appear. Do this treatment once a week.

2. Honey and Turmeric Mask
Turmeric was also very effective to treat acne. How to get rid of acne with honey and turmeric rice content of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural substances so it is very effective to get rid of acne. Here’s how to treat acne with honey and turmeric.

– Take four spoons of honey and pour into a small bowl.
– Add half a teaspoon of turmeric that has been processed into powder. You can find turmeric powder in a place that sells herbal products but uses pure turmeric powder that has not been mixed yet.
– Use this mask to all parts of the face and apply for about 10 minutes.
– Clean the face with warm water and rub with a soft towel so the surface of the face is not too dry.
– Do this treatment twice a week to get optimal results.