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March 8, 2018

Why People Choose Exercise by Using Roller Blades

Roller skating or commonly known as roller skates is a sport that is widely played by all ages, no exception children or people who are elderly because the type of game is very easy to favor a lot of people just by controlling the balance of the body, we can already glide freely above the skates. , not only the effect that can be fun mood only, it turns out that this type of extreme sports is also classified as a sport that has a million health benefits for our bodies. If you need to get the buying guide before jumping into making the decision of which roller blades to choose from, then you come to the right place when visiting sportlifeadviser.com. There are several benefits that will add to the reasons why you should buy and learn to love activities with roller blades.

Healthy joints

These wheel shoes provide fluid motion that allows us to avoid joint damage, by helping us enjoy the exact movement of walking or dancing with no harsh effects or friction. the study has shown that a physical movement involving roller skates only causes less than 50 percent of the impact of the shock on joint movement compared to walking. In other words, skates are the same as aerobic exercise that has the same benefits of the same amount of time spent on jogging, without damaging the joints.

Burn calories

A man who weighs about 190 pounds usually has only a chance to burn about 10 calories every minute using only roller skates, while a woman who weighs about 163 pounds also usually has only a chance to burn about 9 calories per minute. The benefit of burning calories from roller skates if doing so quickly, we can burn between 300 and 600 calories if we do it for an entire hour.

Increase endurance

In addition to increasing muscle strength, sports skates can also help improve muscle endurance. Adding some improvements to train every part of the muscles of the body, which also coincide with our cardiovascular system, to use our body’s energy system to be even more efficient.