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March 26, 2018

How to prevent catching a sickness after you’ve got hit by the rain

The reason most people get sick right after the rain is that the body is surprised to receive unusually cold temperatures and occurs suddenly, thus making the body’s immune decline. In cold weather, the virus can be more easily spread so that makes people sicker. One of the diseases that often attack after the rain is dizziness or headaches. Meanwhile, if you live in Tamora, the Temora Weather website can help you to predict the weather in town.

Rainwater keeps the body temperature cooler, especially in the head. This condition makes the body release more energy to reduce the cold feeling. As a result, headaches arise. In addition to headaches, cold temperatures can also make a person flu. So you do not get sick after the rain, the following tips:

Immediately having a bath and use a shampoo

Falling rainwater contains gases or acidic compounds. A greater degree of acidity of this gas is found in spatter or drizzling rain. Therefore, even if you are only exposed to a little rain, you are advised to bathe and shampoo to remove acidic compounds carried by rainwater. Changing the wet clothes with dry clothes is also important so that the body temperature is not getting cold that makes the immune system decreases.

Consume the warm food and drink

To lower cold body temperature so as not to hurt, you can also eat warm foods or drinks, such as warm milk, soup, and skating. In addition, ginger water is also very good to drink after rain because it is useful to warm the body so as to prevent you from getting flu and colds.

Eating Healthy Food

A healthy diet is important to apply during this wet season, in order for your immune system to stay awake. Fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamins and minerals are examples of foods you should consume if you do not want to get sick. In addition, the protein intake you can get from eating tempeh, tofu, fish, eggs, and others can help build the body’s defenses against viruses and germs that cause disease.