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February 18, 2021

Skills Required By The Marketing

Companies are often looking for marketing talents who have extensive knowledge in various fields. This is not in line with the conventional concept which asks someone to be an expert in a certain field. Therefore, to match the needs of the company, the following ciberblonica.wordpress.com summarizes some of the skills that marketing needs and that you need to have. It doesn’t have to be too deep, but try to get good at some of them.

Analysis Ability

Someone who can translate data into a strategy is needed. This strategy can be used to assess buyer behavior, calculate net income, and assess the performance of the tactics that have been implemented.

Creating Content

You need a strategy to be able to create interesting content. Companies are looking for someone who can explain a goal well, use SEO and detail the story as best they can. This is of course important to produce attractive promotions for buyers.

Social media

Social media is not only important for building the image of a product, but also as a place where customers can interact with the company. From here too, a marketer can conduct a market survey that helps the company make the best decisions. So, you need to understand how social media works and the latest trends.


The digital trading system has gone beyond traditional trading. Therefore, both need to be well connected.

A marketer must be able to use customer desires, advertising, social media, and all other platforms to be able to dig deeper into the best sales system so that it can increase company cash.

Video Marketing

As many as 84 percent of marketers admit that video has helped increase traffic to their site. Meanwhile, 69% of people said they liked learning about products and services by watching short videos. This makes more and more businesses use video in their marketing strategy.


Marketing can explore all fields. Therefore, a marketer needs to be a creative person to provide fresh ideas for his promotion. This idea will be used as a solution for customers and companies.


Besides having creative thinking, a marketer also needs to have the ability to adapt easily. So that you can easily adapt to new challenges, as well as new plans. Of course, with always strong enthusiasm and determination.

Communication skills

This ability can facilitate your communication with the user or audience. Because in addition to building a company image, you also play a role in bridging users with the company.

Being a marketer is not an easy thing. You need to be creative to create interesting content. You need to make something ordinary extraordinary. Not only that, but you also have to be broad-minded, and have good communication skills so that the company’s goals can be achieved.