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March 9, 2018

Here Are Some Unique Beaches In The World, Which One Will You Visit?

The beach is always a favorite tourist destination for many people. This is because the beach always provides a warm atmosphere as well as refresh the eyes and mind. Beach with all the charms are also able to make tourists amazed and always want to come back again. To enjoy the pleasant beach atmosphere and refresh your mind, you will need Best Beach Tents. With a special beach tent, you will be able to enjoy the beach atmosphere without fear of the sun that sting your skin very much.

The beach is always a tourist destination that never loses its charm. In fact, there are some beaches that are touted as the unique beach in the world. Which beaches are on the list?

1. Dessert Beach, Brazil
Called as dessert beach is because this beach is located in the middle of the desert. You can see the stretch of some parts of the coast that has an area of ??1,500 square kilometers. This beach also looks very beautiful because of the clear water blue and green Tosca clear to the scene that makes the eyes become fresh again. However, just as with other deserts, the hot temperatures on the beach can be very extreme and cause the water levels to drop dramatically.

2. Glowing Beach, Maldives
On this beach, you can see the water that emits blue light. Blue light is caused by marine microbes, such as ostracod crustaceans or phytoplankton. The water will cause light when there is a movement or movement. So, it is not known exactly when the best time you should visit this place.

3. Glass Beach, California, United States
This unique beach has a glass sand like a gem. This is because the bottle and glass jars are hit by the waves. In addition, that glass flakes no longer sharp, because it is shaped flat and soft. In fact, many visitors who deliberately took the sand when it will leave the beach. however, this has been banned because it will ruin the charm that is there. So which beach will you visit?