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Examples of Interesting Words in Ads

Do you seek the best ads posting? You can visit Craigslist Ad Posting Service and feel the benefit. The use of appropriate words will have a multiplier effect on the interest of potential customers. There are many choices of word tags in advertising that are able to give a special and deep impression to the readers of advertising, among others:

1. The word “Free”
Who does not like free thing? The emphasis of the word “Free” in advertising is indeed one of the mainstay weapons in attracting and bringing in consumers. Things that are generally free are the supporting part (not the main point) in the business component or product, such as free registration, free wifi, free test drive, and so on. In the business of technology, the concept of Freemium has made the company Google, Facebook, Twitter, into a giant company of the world.

2. Exciting
The catch of the word “Exciting” in the ad sentence can give the impression to the consumer that there is something exciting, exciting, and full of frenzied. That word is usually paired with big discount words, or also a festive bonus.

3. The word “Amazing”

This word is an ad tag choice that confirms that the product you are selling has something that amazes people. For example a rapid hair growth medicine, a fast weight loss tool, a quick course of the lightning can, and so on. Sample sentence “This is the most amazing herbal product!!! Lowering cholesterol, Increasing vitality, and so on”. The use of the word Amazing in an advertising campaign must be really accountable, especially the proof. In order to successfully advertise with the word Amazing on your business products, then put authentic proofs.

4. Different
Selection of the word “Different” in advertising is useful to show a special product offering, unique, or another business concept. Examples of its use “This is a pizza product that feels special, and completely different”

5. Warranty
If the business products you offer are many doubtful consumers, whether regarding the quality of products, side effects, or results obtained by consumers, then the best step is to provide assurance to consumers. The most common example is “If it fails, the money back guarantee!”