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February 21, 2018

Simple tips for choosing drumsticks

In this post, I will review a little about Tips on choosing the correct dum sticks so that the drumsticks are used more long-lived and not easily broken although still one day will be broken as well. The way I will explain here is my experience of many years that I often encounter in the studio that I have. for more details please read the description below, please note that the sticks that I explain below are the best drumsticks that made of wood.

Tips on choosing a drumstick:

When we buy a wooden drumstick try not covered by paint or putty, so choose a drumstick whose wood fibers look directly, the point is that we will know the wood fiber form, the explanation is on the points below:

Choose sticks whose wood fibers are straight with stick sticks, straight fibers are believed to be more resistant to snapping than fibrous fibers, in some cases, the sticks are located on fibrous sticks so the angles form a sloping angle so that the result of the sticks breaks into a pointed shaft.

Note the length and diameter of the stick, adjust to the taste or comfort, so try first some forms of sticks to get really comfortable when worn, this is important because the beauty of the drum sound is also influenced by the shape of the sticks in accordance with the comfort of the drummer.

Avoid choosing a drumstick with wooden eyes, this fiber-shaped eyes that resemble small circles and fibers will form a groove that is not straight/crooked, from some experience, sticks that have easily broken eyes.

There are some sticks with dappled wood color, this indicates that the stick is made of wooden sticks located in the middle so the circle of the year is seen, the sticks with stripes like this are very easy to break.

If you are a beginner drummer and have only a few drumsticks then just to extend the life of the “usual” drumstick then coat it with plastic insulation half part of the set from middle to end, maybe this way the sound produced is less loud but as a way to keep the stick fibers loose is a natural thing to do unless you have plenty of drumsticks.