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May 4, 2019

Benefits of Digital Marketing in the Internet Age

In an age that is already all digital like now, small businesses or startups can breathe freely with internet technology. They can market their products widely at a much cheaper cost. This term is known as digital marketing. You can get the best digital marketing firm on our website.

Basically, using the internet for a business is the wisest way to survive in the present era. Moreover, internet users in Indonesia increase significantly every year. Of course, this is a great opportunity to develop business digitally. Then what are the digital marketing benefits for you? Here’s the explanation:

1. Broader reach and on target

The disadvantage of marketing through conventional media such as television and print media is that you can’t know who saw the ad and how much. Through digital marketing, you can reach a wider target. You can also determine the profile of the person you want to go to, for example in terms of location, profile, age, what they like, and so on. Social media like Instagram and Facebook allow you to do this.

2. Costs are much cheaper

With very affordable costs, small businesses benefit greatly from digital marketing. Low costs allow for cost efficiency so that the capital you have can be allocated to other needs. You don’t need a fee to create a social media account. How do you package content for social media in order to attract potential customers? If you have more budget, you can use the Ads feature on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook so that your products can be seen by more people.

3. Communication with customers

Building closeness with customers is a very good thing to do, even recommended. Digital marketing makes that possible. The use of existing platforms for marketing activities makes it possible for brand customers to interact with each other, for example in the comment column. If the admin is communicative, the intimacy will be tighter and trust will be built between them.