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March 23, 2019

These Are Some Types Of Martial Arts That Are Very Popular In The World

Everyone knows that there are many types of martial arts that can be chosen to be able to maintain health and protect themselves in situations that threaten safety. For that, it is not surprising if there are many people who study martial arts to be able to take care of themselves. Now, you can even find a mixed martial arts gym here, to be able to combine martial arts and sports that are good for your body.

There are several types of self-defense which turned out to be very popular in the world. Some types of martial arts can be your choice when you want to choose the right type of martial arts. Some types of martial arts referred to here are

1. Jujitsu
Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art whose focus is on locking opponents. Where martial arts players apply movements that utilize the opponent so that the opponent feels sick and in part a movement. Besides that sports also make the opponent unable to move.

2. Karate
Karate is a martial art originating from mainland China which eventually developed and was popular in Japan. The average movement in Karate relies on the strength of the hand.
The Karate technique is divided into three main parts: Kihon (basic technique), Kata (moment) and Kumite (fighting).

3. Judo
Judo is a sport that also comes from Japan. Judo is the root of karate self-defense. Judo prioritizes kickback techniques. Judo uses the opponent’s momentum to slam it, so, ideally, small people can also slam large people.
Currently, judo has been contested in the Olympics and is used by police in various countries as its official martial arts. The main rule of judo self-defense tool is that people who practice this art do not have to defeat the strength of themselves.

4. Taekwondo
Taekwondo is a martial art originating from Korea. One unique thing that characterizes Taekwondo is that it uses more foot movements or kicks. The practice of Takewondo has increased after World War II and is one of the arts practiced at the Olympics.