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May 22, 2019

You Should Know These Bad Things About Atheism

In a simple understanding, the social strata carried out by capitalist people are imitated directly from animals. They put predators as rulers, followed by powerful people who were inferior to the main predators clicking here. For atheists, commoners are the same as land that is ready to be harvested and milked to be used for personal and group interests. Life in the community of religious people should be far from social caste. Because everyone is a creation of God and God never wants any of His creatures to be badly treated by others. Therefore, unifying the country under one system and equating salary payments, the acquisition of knowledge and power of each person. In the meantime, you should check out the urgent healing prayer request service if you’re a Christian but your prayers aren’t effective.

They assume there are no friends, each person is a rival

An atheist society is like nothing in the jungle. They overlap each other to make themselves / their groups superior to others. The law of the jungle applies among the people, “the strong is arbitrary to use the weak.” It’s just going smoothly, quietly and hidden. No one is truly sincere but each uses his cunning to win an economic battle.

The time for religious followers to develop the principle of togetherness among citizens. To create a sense of togetherness that is needed is social justice where the power of science, payroll, and power are equalized. Without equality of power, it is this power that will tear apart the community slowly but surely.

They want the mastery of resources by the private sector (capitalization)

Society has been scattered in various clusters where one party has power over a resource for his own group. Each group will try to compete with other groups with the company they have. The struggle for power between capitalists often occurs which causes material losses to even lose lives.

It is time for people who believe in the existence of God to manage resources together. Each potential area is used for the welfare of all groups. Doesn’t God want prosperity for all of his servants?