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June 19, 2020

These Are Tips To Recruit Employees By Using Social Media

The results of research in America of 100 HR professionals of several companies, the majority of their work is spent in the field of administration. Meanwhile, to find new employees and select them only an average of 20 minutes a day for 8 hours of work. Therefore, HR must use the most efficient way to carry out this recruitment. Often what is used is posting jobs on social media. Where you can do it while doing other tasks. In this article, we will share with you some tips to recruit employees by using social media. However, if you worry about their criminal records, you can use the police check service to see their backgrounds.

Here are some tips for those of you who are recruiting through social media:

Understand Prospective employees

By understanding them, you can explain with an approach according to the agreed goals of the company. That is, your employee’s goals are fresh graduates or those who are experienced will make different approach strategies. Don’t make unnecessary posts, especially not explaining your company profiles too much.

Determine the Social Media to be Used

Every social media has its own characteristics. For example, LinkedIn is more formal and professional in social media. You can use LinkedIn if your goal is experts in their field or who have previous experience. Instagram can also be used if your company needs employees who will fill creative positions, such as graphic design, video editors, interior design or fashion companies, and can be used if your target is a fresh graduate or millennial generation. For those of you who are looking for employees of general age, for example, ages 20 to 40 years, Facebook can be one of the media that you use. Now, Facebook is also more sophisticated with the “Jobs” feature so that candidates can directly submit applications to your company.

Full Company Profile

When you have decided which media to use, try to use a complete profile. Up-to-date account profile photos. A solid and clear company biography or brief description. As well as a website or email that can be accessed for further questions and answers. Post several times a week and do it regularly so that prospective employees believe the account is active.