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April 28, 2019

Pillow Case Material You Must Know

Sleep is a very good routine to restore body fitness. However, quality sleep can make your body fit again. To get good quality sleep, one of them can be by choosing a comfortable pillowcase material. You can also get funny pillow cases on our website.

The pillowcase material which is made from rough and hot will certainly make your sleep uncomfortable. There are many types of fabrics on the market. However, it is certainly rare for anyone to know what fabric material is comfortable to use as a pillowcase. Here are 3 comfortable fabrics to use as your sleeping pillowcase.

1. Cotton

This one fabric material must have been widely known. Cotton is very comfortable to use as a pillowcase. This is because the absorbency of this cloth is good, so the sweat that appears during sleep will not make you hot. Not only that, the cotton fabric also has a soft and comfortable texture for pillowcase sleep. Premium cotton fabrics (100 percent cotton) have good luster and good quality.

2. Silk Fabric

Silk fabrics come from natural fibers produced by silkworm cocoons. Silk fabrics have a soft and shiny texture so they look luxurious. Not only that, a pillowcase of silk fabric will make your sleep quality and maintain facial beauty. This is because facial skin will not be rubbed hard, so the skin stays soft the next day. In fact, the pillowcase of silk fabric is also the secret of Kourtney Kardashian’s beauty. According to dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, silk is a natural cloth and will have a positive impact on the skin, especially for sensitive skin or eczema. High-quality silk pillows effectively prevent clogged pores so that the effect will be good for those whose skin is spotty.

3. Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric was originally made of silk. However, now velvet fabrics are made from a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. The velvet fabric texture is quite smooth and can absorb sweat, making it suitable to be used as a pillowcase of sleep. Not only that, velvet fabric offers a luxurious and elegant look.