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March 15, 2018

Things You Need to Know Before Using SEO Services

Looking for SEO services for your website and online store? Do not get the wrong choice of SEO services, if you do not want to lose your money and precious time. You can visit https://medium.com/@KeywordsHeaven/local-seo-keyword-research-9d72e3d29534 to get the best SEO service. Take note of the following when you search for SEO services for your website and online store:

– Warranty
Actually, there is no such thing as a warranty in the SEO process. The position of the website can go up and down at any time depending on Google’s update and alteration algorithm. If any SEO service that offers your website warranty will appear on the first page of Google, ask for its terms of the warranty, and what is the right of the client if the warranty is not met. If there are SEO services that say with a certain cost your website must be one page Google, please watch out for, because it could be a fraud.

– Processing time
Same thing with the warranty, SEO process time until your website goes to the first page of Google no one can guarantee, depending on the competitive level of its target keyword. So beware of SEO services that guarantee the timing of the work only takes a certain time.

– Price
Most SEO services in Indonesia already have a fixed fix price for each keyword that will be in the optimization and for certain maintenance time. Only a small percentage of SEO services that have varying prices per keyword, but still be ensured in advance before using their SEO services.

– Backup
Every SEO service always reminds its clients to back up the website before the SEO process. There is nothing to be concerned about this because usually, the process of on-page SEO is one of the tasks is to improve your website in the eyes of Google but still friendly to your website visitors. However, sometimes there are also some clients who do not want his website tampered with, then the process of restore from previous backups can be done.

– Do not use more than one SEO service for one website at a time
Perhaps your intention is to use two SEO services will increase your chances of going up to the first page of Google in less time than just using one SEO service. But this is strictly prohibited because each SEO service has special techniques and methods that are usually different from other SEO services. Using two SEO services like this can actually damage your website.