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February 9, 2018

A movie is a mean of communication

In communicating generally the communicator (producer, maker) convey the message-content (story) to the communicant/audience through a medium (film). The hope is that the recipient of the message-content understands what the producer means. The film is a medium/means to communicate that technically contains pictures and sounds. Thus, it is important for the creator to have the ability to convey the story-message content with the correct (visual, sound) language at the same time effectively utilizing the duration. Speeches that are considered interesting also need to be the attention of filmmakers at the film festival.

For example, depicted about the person who every day smokes at least one pack, and then because of his habits that he was sick. When checking into the hospital, the doctor diagnosed that the person has had too much nicotine in his blood. Nicotine is one of the substances contained in cigarettes that harm the human body. The person is shown rarely exercising and tends to ignore the suggestions of his close friends to quit smoking. In fact he often angry when reminded not to smoke in any place. After the incident at the hospital, the smoker then realized and stopped smoking. From this series of simple scenes quite clearly illustrated the intent of the filmmaker to tell the audience that smoking is an activity that endangers health.

Aside from that, image and sound clarity need to be noticed by participants. Of course, this is not merely focused, composition, camera movement, image stability, lighting, sound clarity, high-volume low, and other technical matters. Participants need to know that the picture and sound elements that are displayed must match the demands of the story. Example; moving images (camera movement) is required to support a tense scene. Can also be presented images with a low light (tend to be dim, minimal) to support a tense scene. Then the sound element is given the effect that sounds rhythmic, fast and high enough volume or vice versa. Or it could also be given the sound effects of a heartbeat, bell chimes, etc. That is, if the scene demanded by the scenario is to bring tension, then the elements of the image and sound that are presented must be adjusted.