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These Are Some Ways to Optimize On-Page SEO

ADigital marketing is indeed growing rapidly until now. There are many people who use digital marketing to promote their business. You can use digital marketing with various techniques. There are many digital marketing techniques that you can use. One technique used by many people is SEO. SEO optimization must be done correctly and maximally. You can use services from consultor seo alicante to optimize the SEO.

SEO has various types. One of the most widely used types is on-page SEO optimization. This optimization is website optimization done on the website. This on-[age optimization functions to enter the website into search results in search engines. There are several ways to use this on-page SEO optimization. Here are some ways:

1. You have to use a short URL
Google can skip URLs that are long and full of text. You have to open an SEO-friendly URL so that it is recognized by Google. URLs can be made informative, concise, and enter keywords that match the target. You can also use the first 3-5 words in the URL to get better quality.

2. You must use a meta description
Meta description is one of the website SEO optimization strategies that you can do. Meta descriptions are placed after the content on your website. Meta descriptions consist of 160-170 characters. That is, the meta description must be short, informatic, and relevant to the content.

3. You must use permalink
Permalink is a URL that directs to other pages on a website. Permalink that is most often used and recommended for website SEO is .html. Permalink is more resistant to damage because this permalink has no time limit.
You can use this type of SEO optimization for your business. however, you have to optimize SEO optimally. You can also use the right SEO services.