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April 11, 2018

Some DIYs to Keep Your Hair Looks Amazing

Having healthy hair is everyone’s wish. Parents take care of their children’s hair since childhood so they have beautiful hair. Because parents believe that hair is an attraction for both men and women. Although humans have different colors and hair types, they use almost the same way. If from childhood the children’s hair is treated with natural ingredients, then when adults will use chemicals to make the results more quickly and durable. Especially for men who experience hair loss or baldness. Profillica be the right solution for men who want to prevent hair loss or grow their hair back. If anyone is still hesitant to use it, you can see Profollica reviews amazon to be surer.

Natural materials can actually be used to adulthood. The more routine used, it will maintain the beauty of hair while reducing the side effects produced by chemicals such as shampoos. Then what materials can be used to treat hair?

– Try using celery leaves
Celery leaves are also beneficial to naturally fertilize hair. With care using celery leaves your hair will look smoother, moist, soft, moist, and healthy. Way, you simply smooth the celery leaves and then apply on your hair evenly. Let stand for 1 hour then clean with clean water.

– Using apple skin
Especially for hair, apple skin is used to accelerate blood circulation to the scalp. The trick is to grab apple skin then clean. Blend the skin and then mix it with pecan oil (if not no problem), then apply it to the hair. Let stand about 15 minutes, last clean.

– Using spinach
Spinach is very well consumed to maintain the health of our body. In addition to the body, it turns spinach leaves are also nutritious to naturally fertilize hair. First, pour a ½ handful of spinach and mix it with ½ cup boiled water and 1 spoon of honey, then squeeze and filtered. After that drink the concoction 3x a day.