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March 26, 2018

Tips For Keeping Canvas Photos To Stay Durable

Canvas photo is one of the media to print photos. Canvas photos are different from ordinary photo paper because photos will be printed onto canvas, like flower wall art. The canvas also has a slightly rougher texture different from a slick textured photo. You can find cheap canvas photo prints everywhere. Canvas photo endurance is stronger than regular photos, but the canvas has to be specially treated, as it is different from the photos that stay put into the photo album. with a large canvas size certainly cannot be inserted into a photo album.

As already mentioned if the canvas needs different treatment/special from the photos, then the following tips for taking care of canvas photos:

– Put a canvas photo on a special frame of canvas photos. The frame used must be sturdy to keep the tension on the canvas. Usually, use plywood or MDF board (medium density board). Installation must be careful.

– To clean stains or dirt on canvas photos can use a slightly damp cloth or thinner. to safer use cotton and eucalyptus oil and gently rub it.

– Put in a dry room and also not exposed to direct sunlight, because exposed to direct sunlight can make photos faded and damaged.

– When going to clean the frame, note first the basic material of the frame you use. For wooden frames, use special wood cleaning fluid. For other types, iron or copper; look for a cleaning fluid especially so that the frame can last for a long time. How to use the same first sprayed to the cloth before the cloth was used to clean the frame.

– For the back of the canvas photo frame, it should be sealed with paper and trimmed using glue on each edge with insulation or duct tape. This is done to prevent any gaps that can be a nest of insects and even dust.