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February 7, 2018

Socializing on Facebook without being spied on

The largest social network in the world today is still held by Facebook. However, users should remain cautious when sharing information. That’s because Facebook is used as a stalker tool for the benefit of someone. Well, if you are one of the early users of Facebook, you should explore freely. But not everyone on Facebook is a good person you know. Meanwhile, perhaps you can also try Bug Detector to prevent any kinds of stalkers invading your privacy.

Well, let me safe not spied on, try the tips below:

1. Set your privacy settings

Gaul in social media is fine anyway, but you should set the privacy settings so that not careless people can see the profile and content of Facebook. We recommend that you approve only friends who you know.

2. Do not post self-data information too complete

Facebook does have a policy so that all people who use the service using the original name so we always know with whom we relate. However, do not display your phone number or other personal data too much in the profile.

If this is done, hackers will be able to use that information to spread spam or other people who are grudging, using that info to bully. The less exposure on Facebook the better.

3. Do not post the location or status that you are at home alone

Well if you are more upset do not ever post you again alone at home. Because criminals and predators can use location information to track. Do not ever think that only approve friends can see this information, what if your friend forgot to log out when he was using a public computer or their account was hacked? Foreigners know the location information and intend to rob.

4. Report abusive harassment or postings

If you ever feel threatened that someone is harassing you by sending an unwanted Facebook message, or you see a rough post on a public wall, report it immediately by clicking “report abuse” on the post.

5. Use strong passwords

We recommend using a combination of difficult passwords. You also can not tell passwords to others. And make sure to always log out from Facebook after you finish using it, especially when using a public computer in the library, school, or other public places.