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February 13, 2018

Avoid Crime On Your Car By Using Dashboard Camera

In recent years the addition of dash camera features on the car is rife used by many riders. In addition to making the car look more trendy, the feature can also help the rider in terms of more helpful, such as when a camera crime action can be a proof of how the actual situation that is happening in the field. Visit our website at https://vdashcam.com and find the various types of articles related to dash cam.

Dashcam can monitor your vehicle when parked. Evil or events that we do not want often occur when away from our view. When the condition of the vehicle in the parked state a lot of events that may occur such as knocked by another vehicle or theft action. This is where the role of the camera on your dashboard to record the incident when the car is far from supervision.

Dashcam can also minimize misuse when vehicle usage. Dashcam system that has been there will light up if the car is turned on. In case your vehicle is borrowed by someone else and an incident happens that you do not want, the recording in it can help you to claim compensation in case something happens to the detriment of the vehicle. You can easily find out where your vehicle is used. Some dashcam devices are equipped with GPS. Thus you can easily track the vehicle through a laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet.

You also need a dashcam as protection when you park. Some dashcam has “Parking” mode, ie the camera can continue to record even if the car is parked. With this, your car continues to be protected from the event of being hit or bumped by another car even though you are not in the car. The hitter may feel safe because the car has no middle of the car, but they do not understand that you recorded the event, and the number of the plane’s car plate is also recorded. You just report the incident to the police, as well as to claim to the insurance company.