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September 14, 2020

Do You Know The Way VPN Protects Your Data?

Surprisingly, the way VPN keeps your data safe is similar to the way firewall works. Although it’s technically a WAN, its front ends provide the same appearance, functionality, and also security as a private network. A VPN can be either remote-access or site-to-site. When browsing without a VPN, you are connecting to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) server which in turn connects you to the website of your choice. This means that all your internet data traffic activities are passed through their servers and can be monitored by them. That’s why if you want better safety and privacy, you can use the click for source.

However, when surfing over a VPN, your data traffic is passed through the VPN server using an encrypted “channel”. This means that the data cannot be accessed by anyone, apart from you and the VPN server. However, anonymity and privacy are not the same thing. Using a VPN doesn’t make you anonymous, because your VPN provider knows who you are and can see your online activity. However, a VPN gives you privacy from your ISP, your school or workplace, and even from your government. To ensure your privacy is protected by your VPN service provider, it is very important to choose a VPN provider that is “no logs”. When a VPN service provider keeps logs of user activity, the authorities can always ask to accept or view it which means your information is no longer private.

It should be noted that even if your VPN provider intends not to keep logs, it can still monitor your online activity in real-time when needed, for example for technical reasons such as troubleshooting. While most “unlogged” VPN service providers will also not monitor your real-time activity, most countries are legally permitted to force all VPN providers to start keeping logs of all individual users, without alerting the user. However, if you’re not running away from the authorities for illegal online activity, there may be no reason for you to be concerned.