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March 8, 2018

A couple of warm-up tricks for maximizing your strength

The reason why warming is important is often explained. Warming helps activate the muscles that you will train and reduce the risk of injury. But if you do it just to “heat”, you may have wasted valuable time and missed the potential for optimal muscle growth. Well, some of these warming tricks can maximize your time in the gym while enhancing your overall strength and performance. On the other hand, you can try the ostarine to boost the efficiency of your muscle training as well.

Exceed Expenses on your Working Set

One of the old tricks in building your strength is to increase the load gradually as the heating goes beyond your working set. So when you do a working set, the load will feel light.

For example, suppose you want to do 3 working set bench press which consists of 5 rep. Perform the following steps:

Perform multiple sets of incremental load loads with light loads.
Next, do one rep force with 90-95% load from your one-rep-max. Do not use the maximum load, because this is just warming up. This helps to deceive the nervous system, thinking that the working weight will be heavier when it is not.
Then, start practicing with your working weight. The burden must be lighter!

Add Extra Resistance

Elastic bands and chains are used to provide extra resistance to a wide variety of barbell and machine movements. These accessories are commonly used heavy lifting athletes to train power. But, you can also use it to stimulate your nervous system during heating.

For example, you can attach one end of the elastic band to the barbell and attach the other end to the bottom of the rack squat as follows:

Make sure your elastic bracelet is solid. Circle the bottom of the rack/cage squat.
Place the load plate on the barbell, then circle the other end of the elastic band to your barbell.
Do the heating set as usual. When lowering the load, the bracelet will help you. while raising the load, the bracelet will hold the barbell.
After heating, remove the bracelet from the barbell and use your working weight as usual. You will feel the burden is more easily controlled.