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January 8, 2018

Tricks for choosing a great domain name

To help with these difficulties, we summarize the tips on finding and choosing a good domain name for your website or blog. You can follow all the tips or some of the following tips if you can take time to discuss with your team in choosing a domain name. Meanwhile, don’t forget that even the Cheap domain names can be a lot better than the free ones, so it’s a wise decision to never choose the free domain names for the serious online business website.

Make it easy to remember

Many buyers look around before buying. It may take several visits to our website before the prospect is ready to buy the Product or service from our website. If they come back, it is very important if visitors can easily remember the name of our website.

Or if we want to build a website that contains tutorials or things that are useful to the readers, we must create a domain name that is easy to remember in order to facilitate the readers who want to visit again.

Currently, Google prefers to send traffic to websites with branded domains (Branded). So, it is very important to create a branded domain name to help our visitors better know, remember and trust our website.

Make it as Short as You Can

Short names are easy to type, easy to remember, and easy to share.

For example Google. Skype. Twitter. YouTube

Let us compare the domain name above with domain letsuslearn.com, it will be more simple if only use the name letslearn.com. Short domain names will come in and appear in search results. Google will bypass the domain name that is too long in the search results, so that prospective readers cannot know the full name of the domain in the search results.

In addition, a short domain name is also good if included on the business card because the short name is more simple and easy to remember. Due to the short domain name is very much advantage, now there is almost no short domain name that can be registered. Most short domain names have been bought for the purpose of reselling at a very expensive price.

Make it easy to spell and pronounce

When we pass the domain name to someone else, the domain name must be clearly heard and how to spell it. If not, we will lose the traffic when potential visitors mistyped the website address.

For example, a website like fiverr.com has a catchy name if we know that the writing takes two rs, but if we know this domain through talk then we will assume this domain has only one letter r. Therefore Fiverr.com got away with the problem by owning (and redirecting) fiver.com domains with a single r.

However, websites like dribbble.com (three bbb) are also easy to remember because it’s short, but this website does not buy dribble.com domains, making it curious how much traffic is heading to dribble.com domains? because of a typo.

Avoid conjunctions and numbers

Like the tips above, as much as possible for a domain that is easy to remember and pronounce. By adding a conjunction or number, it is possible to make mistakes in typing the domain name.

For example, if our domain is 1web.com, it is likely to be mistaken by typing oneweb.com, or if our domain one-web.com will likely be a mistake by typing oneweb.com. So, create a unique domain name without assigning numbers and conjunctions.

Try including keywords

Having a relevant keyword in the domain name will be helpful when our site is listed in the search results. Keywords can help improve clickthrough rate – which is the number of people who click through to our website.