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June 27, 2019

Know More About Saturn

Apart from being seen from the position of the planet seen from the trajectory of the asteroid, the planet is also distinguished from its size. There is something called a giant planet because of its large size. Some planets that are said to be giant planets or the biggest planets in the solar system include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These planets have a much larger size when compared to planet Earth. Of the several planets we mentioned earlier, there are planets that are very unique because they are covered by a giant ring. This planet is Saturn.


In the arrangement of the solar system, there is a planet other than the others. When we pay attention to the planetary forms depicted in the solar system, we will see that there is one planet covered by a ring. Because of this ring, the planet is very unique and also looks beautiful. Well, a planet with only this one is called the planet Saturn. Saturn is a group of outer planets and also a giant planet group because of its large size. And because of the ownership of this giant ring, Saturn is also called the ringed planet. The size of Saturn’s planet turns out to be the second largest in the solar system after the planet Jupiter.

Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter, therefore it must be very large in size and certainly larger than Earth. Saturn has an equatorial radius of 9,4492 times larger than planet Earth. If expected, the equatorial diameter of the planet Saturn is 120,536 kilometers. Meanwhile, the diameter calculated from the north pole to the south pole is around 108,728 kilometers. The surface area of ??the planet Saturn is 83,703 times larger than planet Earth. While the volume of the planet Saturn is 763.59 times larger than Earth.

There is another uniqueness that is owned by planet Saturn. Planet Saturn is the only planet in the solar system that has less density than water. Although the planet Saturn’s core has a density greater than water, but the planet Saturn has a gas-containing atmosphere so that the relative density of the planet has 0.69 g / cm?. Thus, if the planet Saturn is in a pond full of water, then it will float.