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March 28, 2018

Is Shaving Every Day Make the Beard Thicker?

There are men who like to lengthen the beard and some have to shave it every day because it feels uncomfortable. Many believe that shaving a beard every day can make it thicker. Is that right? If you want to shave a beard, you can use shaving cream from ageless man.

Unfortunately, shaving a beard each day will not affect its thickness. Myths about shaving and hair growth have been around for at least 50 years. Since the 1920s, several studies have proven that shaving does not affect hair growth. This study report has been successful in eliminating this misconception about shaving. In fact, shaving does not affect the hair thickness because at the time of shaving just cut hair on the surface of the skin. Shaving does not interfere with hair follicles, the pituitary gland that controls hair growth. Hair growth is controlled by hair follicles. Because it lies beneath the skin, hair follicles are not affected at the time of shaving. In contrast, hair follicles are affected by genetics and hormones, which determine the color, texture, and roughness of the hair.

Then why the beard feels thick after shaving?

Normal hair shaft will taper at the tip. When you shave, you cut off the pointed end of the hair, so that the newly grown hair after shaving will feel thicker because it is cut straight and no longer tapered at the end. Because the new beard grows so short, the growing hair will also feel stiff from the ordinary, which can make it look thicker and look rougher when touched by hand.

In addition, another reason that makes many people believe this myth is when they first shave. Most people start first shaving during adolescence or pre-adolescent age when hair is still thin beard than adult men. Sometime after routine men with enough hair will enter the adult phase, so it looks as though shaving has caused the beard to grow thicker and coarser. But in reality, however, the shave only happens to coincide with the body’s period of starting to produce normal adult hair.