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April 2, 2020

Some Reasons For People Who Cried Because Watching Movies Have Strong Mentality

Movie stories like Hachi: A Dog’s Story or The Notebook can make us shed tears at least once. However, many people believe that crying because watching a movie is a sign of weakness. Those who cry because they watch movies are empathetic people, they know how to regulate emotions better, and they are stronger when facing the difficulties of daily life. Search for a movie or drama series that you want to watch on gostream reference.

The audience loves stories that inspire empathy and compassion. So, here is a review of why people cry because of watching movies, and the reason it makes them stronger.

1. Film stories are fiction, but feelings of sadness cannot be held
Even though they know that movies are not real events and the stories they watch on screen are fictional, they will not have a big impact. They will still cry when watching a very emotional scene.

2. The hormone oxytocin has a big role when watching touching scenes
The oxytocin hormone acts as a signal sender and is responsible for what people feel when watching a touching scene. Oxytocin makes people more empathetic, more passionate about daily life.

3. They are not afraid to show emotions
People who are not ashamed to cry because watching movies have a stronger mentality than those who hide their tears. That’s because they are brave enough to show their true feelings. They are not afraid of being ridiculed or criticized.
The cause is still the hormone oxytocin, by empathizing with what is happening around them, they are not afraid to believe what is considered right.

4. Crying for emotional stability
People who cry because they watch a movie think that it is important to care for their souls, and sometimes they need a moment to cry. This will make their emotional stability better than those who hide their feelings.

5. Tears have healing powers
Those who cry for watching movies know about the healing power of tears. Crying makes them share their feelings with others. They learn to see that in life, happiness and sadness always come and go.