February 12, 2018

Powerful Ways to Engage People in Contact

When you get acquainted with someone through chat rooms and you decide to meet, and then the first 3 seconds of eye view when the meeting is a crucial time for acquaintances. Why 3 seconds? Actually, this is just a myth, but it’s true too, for some of these reasons:

The first 1 second is the time to think, “Who is this guy?”
2 seconds our prospective acquaintances will think, “He’s like [Si X].” In the second of our acquaintance candidates will look for his memory reference and guess who we are.
3 seconds is the time when he can guess we are nobody. Wait a minute, but if he lasts for three seconds it means there is an initial interest or curiosity.
If 3 seconds have elapsed, it’s time to set up a strategy for a contact.

Hmmm … I heard that little whisper, “If shy how?” When our first day of school we must be crying is not it? The reason is not that we are a crybaby, but because we are ashamed. Well, over time we can increase our confidence in school because we learn to mingle. So it is with acquaintances. Well, here are some steps that will make you brave to interact with your future partner!

1. See What It Takes
Imagine this situation, when someone you want is taking acquaintance with Harry Potter Book and then you suddenly come and ask for his name! Then the failure will soon arrive on the other side. If he brought Harry Potter why do not you immediately ask, “Do you want to go in ‘romance’ Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?”

If you are female: Men usually like sports, if they wear club soccer jersey, directly fishing with questions about the club.
If you’re a man: Try fishing with deep questions about the stuff he’s carrying. No woman wants to have a shallow-minded man.

2. Playlists Are Expectations!
“You can tell a lot about the person by what’s on their playlist.” That’s what Keira Knightley says is popular in the movie ‘Begin Again’. Nothing wrongs with you a little glance at the playlist that is being played by your prospective acquaintances. Learn what genres might interest him!

If you’re female: Men usually get stuck with a playlist of 90’s. His appetite stuck at the time of Pearl Jam or Kla Project.
If you’re a man: Do not be selfish about talking about your own playlist. Try to listen to Taylor Swift occasionally.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson