August 26, 2019

Mobile Website Owners Must Avoid These SEO Mistakes

Maybe you have accessed the site later on the initial display suddenly pop up either in the form of advertisements or offers related to the site. If accessing via the desktop is already annoying, especially if we encounter such things on mobile devices. Of course, it’s double resentful. Therefore, we must be more careful to place introductory messages on our mobile sites. Even Google has issued an additional signal algorithm in early January 2017. These signals relate to how the introductory message can reduce the effect of our mobile SEO. So it is hoped that we do not add introductory messages, especially in the form of offers. Additionally, if you need experts of SEO who can help your business, we recommend you call the best delray beach seo.

In some cases, it is shown that introductory messages may be of origin to inform general information such as the use of cookies, age restrictions for the content we serve, or if we provide introductory messages in a size that will not interfere with our main content.

In addition, you also have to avoid crosslinks. This is still related when we have 2 versions of the site, namely desktop and mobile sites, then automatically we have two addresses. Problems arise when, one of the URLs from a desktop site, it does not lead to a page that should when opened through a mobile device. The URL is precisely the URL of our main page. If this happens, of course, it will be very detrimental and has the potential to make our visitors leave.

The solution? You can use responsive templates, this is the best choice

Finally, from a study, it was revealed that those who use mobile devices are more impatient than those who use desktop devices. This is evident from how mobile users do not want to wait too long to open a site. If the site does not open for more than a few seconds, then they are likely to close the site. So this is related to the speed of loading our site.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson