April 25, 2018

Mistakes When Cutting Vegetables

You may be used to cutting vegetables every day, but have you done it right and safe enough? To make you easier to cut, you can use Kitchen Knife King. Get it on our website.

Cutting vegetables does look easy, but many still do the following errors:

– Wrong in choosing a knife

Most people do not care whether the knife is sharp or dull. Indeed blunt knife can be dangerous and rather inhibit to cut in accordance with the desired shape. To cut vegetables, use a light but sharp knife. Use a knife made of stainless steel and carbonaceous to resist rust. In order not easily loose grip, choose a knife with a little curved with nails in all three dots. In order for the blade to remain sharp, use the middle and direct dry cloth every time exposed to a wet stain.

– Using the wrong cutting board

Choose a cutting board made of wood or plastic. Cutting boards made of glass and bamboo are too hard and can blunt your knives and cause knives to slip. Cutting boards should be placed in a safe position on the kitchen table. If the surface is already curved, it is time to throw it away. To keep the cutting board immobile when you cut it, place the wet cloth underneath.

– Not make a flat surface on vegetables

Cutting onions, cucumbers or potatoes have the risk of slipping due to its round shape. To keep such vegetables or spices, be sure to be stable on the cutting board. Instead, cut the middle of the vegetables first, then place the flat part under and start cutting it up.

– Failed to cut to the same size

The same vegetable size makes cooked dishes simultaneously. But not everyone can make all the parts the same size. If you cut with the size of most and a small portion when you want to stir-fry, small pieces will burn faster while large immature. To fix this, start by making the same vertical and horizontal cuts, and then cut across them.

– Does not protect the nails

Do not expose your fingernails on the fingers that are holding the vegetables as they get cut off. Should try to keep the tip of the vegetables is longer than your nails by slightly bent your fingers.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson