March 24, 2018

Locking Instagram Not Always Can Give Many Followers, These Are The Shape Of Losses

As one of the social media that is widely used by everyone, Instagram is believed to have a good impact on many people. Many people use it as a business medium or as a medium to show their true self. However, an Instagram account also requires a lot of followers to be considered a qualified and qualified account. for that, many people end up using buy Instagram followers, so followers on their Instagram can multiply.

In fact, many people think that locking their Instagram account can be a great way to add followers, but this way will only cause you harm, like

1. Can not Get Followers From All Over the World
Instagram already provides explore feature to share your photo or video to prospective followers according to their interest. Suppose you like follow and like an account that often share photos traveling, then in the menu explore you will see many photos and videos with the same theme from other users around the world. However, if you lock your Instagram, then you will not be able to be found with all accounts in the world.

2. Assume That Many People Will Be Interested
Many people are locking Instagram accounts because they assume that all people will interest and curious about his account must follow his Instagram to be able to see the various photos in it. This may be true, but be aware that there will not be many people interested in follow because they can not see directly the photos you share there.

3. Can not Join Giveaway
Now, many online shops give giveaway to their customers who follow the quiz. Usually, the online shop will see the account that follows the quiz and check whether the account is locked or not. So, locking an Instagram account is just the same as blocking the actual income you can get in various ways.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson